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What To Expect

What to expect with the black salve:

  •  If the suspected area is not cancer, there will be no reaction. There will be no sensation and the paste will just wash off. Leave on for 6 hours before deciding.
  •  If it is cancer, after about 5 minutes it will start stinging, burning and itching to
    varying degrees depending on the size and the paste won’t wash off.
  • The paste detects the cancer and usually it is larger than you thought. You only
    need to apply the paste once.
  • Leave paste on until sensations stop. Depending on size and severity this can
    take from between 2 hours to 2-3 days.
  • After sensations have stopped, the cancer is dead. The paste will not wash off
    so you have a black area. Within 1 or 2 days the body detects it as a foreign
    object and makes pus to try and push it out.
  • This starts to hurt as the pressure builds up. You can relieve the pressure with
    a sterilized needle.
  • It looks horrible. You have the black centre, the green pus and red around that.
    It looks like a bad infection.
  • Put Savlon and a bandaid on to keep it soft.
  • When it’s ready, if you push down on it, it will just slide out leaving a clean
  • After the dead cancer (the eschar) has come out:
  • Rinse the hole with chemist saline often and let it dry out.
  • If it dries out too much it will get sore. Cover with Savlon and a bandaid. After
    it has been covered for a while, it gets sore again. It needs to dry out. Wash
    with salt water and allow to dry out. After it becomes too dry, it will get sore
    again. Just keep repeating this process until it stays sensation free.
  • If it starts to heal up but stays wet or gets sore or itchy, you may not have got
    it all and you might have to do it again.
  • I’ve had ones I had to do 6 times.
  • If you do suspect you’ll have to do it again, wait until the first one has built itself up a bit. Skin tissue grows faster than the cancer so you don’t have to
    rush in and do it straight away.
  • Small ones only take about a day or 2.
  • Large ones can take a week or 2.