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Frequently Asked Questions on Black Salve

  •  How long has the Black Salve been around?                                                                                                                             Hard to know. There have been different formulations over the last 100 years or so, but there have been different versions of Black Salve for hundreds of years.
  • Why don’t doctors use the Black Salve to treat people?
    The short answer is, that Black Salve has not been subjected to RCTs (randomized controlled trials) so doctors don’t know much if anything at all about Black Salve.
  • So How Does the Black Salve Actually Work?
    Until scientific trials have been done, it remains uncertain as to exactly how it works. Black salve appears to cause an immunogenic response. It appears to stimulate the body’s own immune system against the cancer.
  • Does Black Salve damage any healthy tissue?
    Not to the naked eye. There may be evidence of damage at the microscopic level, but that’s about all.

 In this respect, practitioners believe the salve is “cancer-cell specific”.

  • Can I apply the Black Salve myself?
    Yes, this is a people’s remedy, it is easy to apply (you just need some salve and a band-aid), and an adventurous spirit!
  • Will using the Black Salve be painful?
    It doesn’t hurt at all if you put the Black Salve on healthy tissue.
    While the salve is on a lesion there can be a whole range of symptoms from almost no sensation at all, to a “burning” sensation, to more sharp, even a throbbing pain or occasionally a headache depending usually on just where the lesion is situated.The lesion can be really painful depending on the size and almost all of them aren’t painless, most patients will need a pain killer.

The intensity of any response diminishes as the body desensitizes to the symptoms and once the salve is cleared the symptoms will be relating to the resultant activity of the salve, a wound that needs managing.

If the cancer was deep to start with, there can be resultant wound pain, for which some patients seek pain relief.

  • How long will my wound take to heal after using the Black Salve?
    Generally, depending on how deep or how large the lesion is, it can take from just a few days, to a month for most of the healing to be complete.
    If you are young and healthy, you will heal quicker than someone who is older